Implements / Tools

Implements / Tools
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PLN 3-35 V 1.0

Russians old plow. It was converted to the FS 17. Ideal aggregated with tractors MTZ and YUZM. But it works with other models. Animated, smoke, dirt,...

BDT77 V 1.1

Animation Dust Dirt / washable Working width – 7 m Authors: Т-150, MAC, AndreyGunko, ALUHA74RUS


Pridane zavazia Authors: NThe Nemshova-Convert


Animation Dust Dirt / washable Working width – 7 m Converted by Nuu5t1k. Authors: Т-150, MAC, AndreyGunko, ALUHA74RUS

Weight and 3pt adapter V 1.0

This package contains a Weight that uses a wheel-loader attacher. To make this work with an usual 3pt-hitch it also contains an adapter that...

Vaederstadt TopDown 500 pluh

Authors: Autor: GIANTS Software Oprava a edit: Furioso

ASTRA SZT 3.6 V3.0

The seeder with drawbar. Working Width -. 3.6 m Required power – 80. Price – 29000 (day 50). Animation. Footprints. Washable. Log clean. Authors: werik, USSR,...


3 cultivator: KPS-4N – 4 meters KPS-4 – 4 meters KPS-8 – 10 meters Dirt / Washable And Hitch Included Authors: LSSA, }I{EKA, werik, Serega Farmer


Working width – 3.6 meters Dirt / Washable Capacity seeds – 1420 liters log clean And Hitch complete manager that allows to fasten multiple drills and sow large Area. Authors: werik,...

BigBaler 1290 Thunder01 V 1.0

Costs € 10,200 Cost per Day 19 € and is designed for 40 € for rent Accumulated a widened catchment so you can better go around the curves! Eject...