Download Best City Car Driving Mods

Minion weight

Minion weight 1.2t Authors: Christen Farmland Technik

FENDT Weight Pack

This package contains 3 weights in Fendt style: 750kg 2000kg 2500kg Credits: Smety

Slice Weight 200 to 1000kg

Weight with color selection and shiftable mass from 200kg to 1000kg Authors: MB3D Modelling

IHC homemade weight V 1V

Today, I present you my IHC Eigenbau Frontgewicht to download! Model: Hamper, Marcols Texture / Specular: Marcols For weight: Cost: € 1,240 The weight is 600KG. Authors: Hamper, MarcoLS

Biobeltz U Series Weights

Author: t0xic0m

Saphir Frontweight Package

Saphir front weight package, consists of 650, 1200, 2100 Kg Author: fqC Art


Here is a mass of brand MX of 2500kg. Authors: Slavo LS Modding + NSMT re skin : TFSGROUP

Optum Weight

Weight: 1000kg Price: 1100€ Author: Matt26

Rock weight V 1.0

A small rock with 1.5t as a weight 1500 KG Author: Barbarossa


This is my homemade weight! It has a weight of about 3 tons. -You can choose from different colours -You can choose from different decals: CaseIH, NewHolland,...