Download Best City Car Driving Mods

Lamborghini1R V 2.1

Version 2.1 in this version there will be a folder titled “UNZIP_ME” where inside you will export out three folders which are respectively the second...

Kirovets 9450 v1.0.0.0

Power – 516 hp lighting Mirrors Animation dashboard Speedometer and tachometer The deformation of the wheels fan Animation The dust and traces of wheels Dirt / Washable log clean Authors: SANJKA(KAISER), -=F@RMeR=-, FS-TV

MTZ 80 V1

-real power -real sounds -working lights -good tractor -extract rar file Authors: Stepan Paramar

T150 09 BETA

Soviet crawler tractor, converted from farming simulator 15. Authors: A.Gunko, T-150, Expert

DUTRA D4K-B 1.17

Foreign tractor capacity of 90 l / s, the open spaces of the farm for sale 17 21 357 money. Authors: Tatra148

JCB 4220 V 1.1

This is the JCB 4220, I think it was a shame GIANTS didn’t put one in the stock game. So I ported this one...

IMT 560 Deluxe/DV V

One tractor, you can change standard to 4wd and add extra lights. Specialization : attacherJoints lights animatedVehicle speedRotatingParts motorized frontloaderAttacher steerable drivable cylindered aiVehicle bunkerSiloCompactet honk washable mountable wheelRotations ——ADDED——- interactiveControl interactiveWindows interactiveButtons doorOpener allradwelleAnimation ventelator cardanShaft RadsturzV2 hydraulika Authors: Texture: Black Bull Modding Script: Jukka

K-701 PKU V2.0

Front-end loader on the basis of tractor K 701 equipment to him the bucket, Pallet forks and gripper logs. The bucket can be loaded...


Authorf: Imeto

Raba Steiger 250/300

Raba Steiger second-hand tractor with 250 hp or 300 hp. Authors: Javierdetb