Download Best City Car Driving Mods

STEYR 8070a SK2 V 1.0

allo, heute stellen wir euch ein kleines ungeplantes aber schnelles Zwischen/Motivations Projekt fürs Plus 760ger Modell. Eins vorweg, es wird nicht mehr so viele Versionen/Modelle...

Steyr 8090 Turbo SK2

Steyr 8090 Turbo with optional forestry frame. Price: 18500 € Max. power: 80 hp Max. speed: 40 kph Maintenance: 55 € / day aUTHORS: Javierdetb

Steyr Profi CVT V 1

Today, I present you the Steyr Profi CVT available. features: – IC (windows, doors) – Engine configurations available: 4115, 4125, 4135, 4145, 6145 – Frontladerkonsole purchasable – Normal...

STEYR 8090a Turbo SK2 V 1.0

Hi, here we present you the first tractor model for the LS17, with very many features. One thing in advance, there will not be as...

Steyr Terrus V 1.2

Max. Speed: 60 kph Power: 288 hp Color choice: Main and Rim colors Wheel Setup Author: JokerModding

Steyr Terrus V 1.1

Price: 230K Max. Speed: 60 km/h Max. Engine Power: 313hp Choice of Color Selectable Rim Color Author: JokerModding

FS17 – Steyr Terrus CVT V 1.0

Steyr Terrus CVT customizable tractor mod for FS17. 288hp -313 hp engine power range, 50 kph max speed, red and orange changed the main color. Spot reduction Added...

FS17 – Steyr Terrus CVT

Steyr Terrus CVT tractor for Farming Simulator 17. 226K€ sale price, 360 € daily maintenance, 288-313 HP Power, 53km/h maximum speed, 726 liters Fuel...