Bale trailers

Bale trailers
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Trailer with autoload. Designed for pervozki square, round bales and pallets. Price – 9500 (day 10). Washable / get dirty. Footprints. There unloaded on...

Fliegl Flatbed Autoload

Flatbed Trailer UAL this is autoload version of Fliegl Flatbed Authors: TSM,Hotonline Team

Chieftain Tri Axle Low Loader

Chieftain high speed tri-axle low loader manufactured by Chieftain Trailers in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Can be used to transport a variety of vehicles up...

UAL Fliegl DPW 180 / boards Palette V 1.0

Changelog des UAL Fliegl DPW 180 – Bretter-Paletten optimiert (Die Mod wurde im SP und auf dem Dedi ausführlich getestet und die Log ist...

My homemade trailer V

My homemade trailer by FS 13 for FS 17…. In collaboration with EPM. Release V1: – DEFAULT SCRIPT FS 17 – TENSION BELT – AO...

Broughan 36 Foot Bale Trailer

Broughan 36 Foot Bale Trailer with locking straps. Price: 16500 € Maintenance: 25 € / day Author: CDModelz

Ballenboy Bale Trailer

Price: 13635 € Daily Unkeep: 22 € Authors: LsPrO/TheCoCe

Brantner DPW 18000 V1.0

This is a brantener trailer with a seed pallets, pallets liquid and solid Ferilizer, fuel and a washing machine. Price: 9500€ Author: Flipttop 72

FS17 Fliegl DPW 180 Trailer V1.0

Price: 12,000€ Color: Main Color, Rim Color Daily Unkeep: 10€ Author: DellwigerLTS, Giants

FS17 Marshall BC/32

Marshall BC/32 Trailer. Bale Trailer Marshall BC/32. Price: 11000 € Maintenance: 5 € / day Author: GIANTS Software