Russian Guard Post V1

Redone from DKashnogo. Test version. Protection of equipment outside the base from intruders. The range is 300 meters. The price is 500 (per day 1,000).
Installation Instructions Guard Post Cards Russia – Guard Post in FS17:
Your first action will be to download the archive using the appropriate button below. Mods on our site are virus-free, and 99.9% have any extension other than “exe”!
If the downloaded file has the extension \”.zip\” – you do not need to extract anything from this archive, but just transfer it to the folder for other modifications, although there are exceptions. If the downloaded archive has the extension \”.rar\”, then, as a rule, it contains a whole pack of mods for FS2017 – such archives should be unzipped.

Authors: Manuscript GT, vladimir.loko
 Download Russian Guard Post V1

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