2016 FORD F-350 V2

2016 FORD F-350

Fixed the little warning that had popped up and this ford good a new look Truck now has a texture file for body so anyone that knows paint.net and messing with texture file can edit this truck to any color they wont too the body dds is Body_Color.dds the whole file is one texture so have fun with it i tried getting colors working but failed this is better you can get custom colors this way

Model by: Alagoas modding
Scripts by: Alagoas modding
Converted by: Thijs1239
Finished conversion And Added Some touch’s to it Thunderhawk09

 Download 2016 FORD F-350 V2

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  1. christifer says:

    its a good mod you shud put a 4inch lift kit in it so it puls trails beter

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