Bizon Z058 Rekord Miodek V1.0

– washable;
– IC panel in the cabin [opening door and window];
– movable pulleys;
– selection options;
– moving parts;
– movable wajchy;
– full lighting;
– konfiguracja sieczkarni [brak sieczkarni i blachy / blacha / sieczkarnia niebieska /
sieczkarnia pomarańczowa / harvester];
– removing / installing the header drive cover;
– removal / installation of the forage harvester belt [at approach];
– removal / installation of manifolds [by approach];
– choice of wheel color [white, gray, ivory, black];
– selection of sheer drive covers [none / old cover white-red / orange / orange with white stripes];
– selection of stickers [None / FMŻ / Gospodarstwo rolne / PGR / Nowe];
– cabin selection [new version / old from the beginning of production];

The package includes a combine with a hedge.

** For the sake of clarity, the combine is not perfect, it was not released but a lot of people asked me
about completing the combine and its edition, I added some details, configuration and removed errors from the log,
subsequent versions to FS17 will not be.
Why such a big weight, what it has to be and the like, I\’m already answering –
I did not want to act on the FS17 mods, there are no mistakes
and if someone does not answer, the weight will surely find something else for himself, I greet you warmly

Authors: ikas, PowerIsBack
 Download Bizon Z058 Rekord Miodek V1.0

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