Fertilizer sprayers

Fertilizer sprayers
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Amazone ZA-M 1501 V 3.0

Version 2.0 Farbe wurde an LS17 angepasst, hier geht ein Danke an matze! Neue fillVolumeShap. Hello everybody, I in 1501 brought here for you to Amazone ZA-M from...

Rauch AXIS 50.2

The AXIS 50.2 from Rauch offers a high impact power and precision. Price: 32900 € Price per day: 95 € Working width: 26 m Authors: fqC art.


Capacity: 14000 $ needed power : 110 hp price: 32000 $ Converted from 2015 Author: Arsenic Modding

BREDAL K165 V1.0

Bredal K165 with selectable narrow wheels compatible with 4Real Module 01 – Crop destruction everything else is default price, capacity, etc. Author: Asnaeb


her is a Tebbe manure spreader for the ITrunner for farming simulator 17 Author: @farming_2017_and_simulator

Rauch AXIS 50.2

The AXIS H 50.2 from Rauch offers high impact power and precision for optimum yield increases. Price: 32900 € Working speed: 20 km / h Filling volume:...

BREDAL F2WS 4000 28M V1.0

Capacity: 4000 liters Working Width: 25 meters Working Speed: 20 kph Authors: Mike3650, Giants Software

Amazone ZA-M 1501 V 1.0

Priice: 27K Working width: 26m Tank: 3000 l. Working speed: 20km / h Authors: Gaints, gusto82