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This shovel is additionally suitable for the transport of most moveable objects! – weight, price and capacity with real values – all fs17 features – change colours –...

Bressel and Lade 201a

Capacity: 2860l. Price 2100 Maintenance: 5 Fix: Improved triggers and dust. (All carefully collects). Authors: AgriXl

Multi fork V 1.0wsb

* washable * InputAttacherJoint: frontloader * Attacherjoint: cutter, cutter harvester, implement * DynamicAttach: fasten bales, wood, equipment and pallets * Log is clean Authors: TSL

Stoll FZ Package V 1.0

Stoll FZ 30 and FZ 60 for tractors of the SDF, CNH and AGCO Group. IMPORTANT: This Modpack consists of three “EINZELMODPACKS” and must be...

Front loader for medium tractors Hydrac EK 2200

Version Hydrac EK 2200 – Hydrac EK 2200 Frontlader Hello, now the time has come, a front loader package on the basis of Stoll FZ30 front...

Front loading for large tractors V 1.0

Hello, this is a STEYR FL (umgeskinnter Stoll FZ60 ausm LS17 Game). This FL has been revised, the unneeded collision in FL uptake was removed,...

Balefork Desvoys

Carry your balls with the Desvoys forks Author: FX Modding

Silage Fork for wheel loaders

Capacity: 5000 l Price: 3000 € Maintenance: 4 € / day Authors: Jantjetennis

Biobeltz LF 180 Log Fork

Biobeltz Frontloader Log Fork Author: t0xic0m


Da ich mich gerade mit den Frondladern beschäftigt habe ist mir aufgefallen das es keine New Hollend Variante mehr gibt. Ich habe nun aus...