Download Best City Car Driving Mods

John deere 915 v- ripper V 1.0

9 and 11 shanks ripper(plough) hp:360-600 It is washable The hitch pivots Has dirt animations Authors: Jdm(basic) Banks.Inc

John Deere 2720 V

Width: 9M Price: $ 94,500 Function: Plow HP Required: 460HP min Authors: lindbejb (LBJ Modding)

Vogel & Noot950

Authors: Model : BBM_TEAM Scripts/textures:BBM Converted: Matej Fixed: TiTo99

Kuhn Vari-Master 153 4+1

– realistic animation – change working width per mouse control – max working width: 2,5m Authors: AgriXl


edit plow Amazone Cayron 200 Added: mouse control inclination plow and working width Authors: giants software-Blu Fire Modding

Saphir Tiefenlockerer 3/80/200

This is the Saphir Tiefenlockerer 3/80/200 a subsoiler. Options: Color configurations, Blue, Red and Black Price: 2602 € Max. power: 203 hp Max. workspeed: 50 kph Maintenance: 5 €...

Lemken Juwel 8 V

This is the original Amazone Cayron 200 from FS17 skinned as a Lemken Juwel 8. The rim color is configurable. Authors: Modell: Giants Software Textur: lowtech

Ermo FSV2 102

Author: –

PLN9-35 V 1.0

Rusian 8 harrow plough. Dirty, washable, animation… Suitable for K700/701 Authors: Conversion by Nuu5t1k.

PLN 3-35 V 1.0

Russians old plow. It was converted to the FS 17. Ideal aggregated with tractors MTZ and YUZM. But it works with other models. Animated, smoke, dirt,...