Category: Tedders

Claas Liner 4000 0

Claas Liner 4000 v1.0

Roller header. Used to collect grass, hay and straw in the rolls. Working width: 12.5 m, working speed: 20 km / h, the required tractor power: 90 l / c. Lighting technology, beacon, washable....



Functions: Spreading animations Movable foot Animated grass scattered Moving elements Washable 0 Bugs in the log! Authors: Model Pottinger HIT 47N: L4Icce, Katsuo Model Pottinger HIT 690N: Giants Programming: 3P

Krone KWT 0

Krone KWT 11.22

Wide widths, small tractors: The Krone KWT 11.22/10 is with its transport running gear ideal for lowhorsepower tractors with small lift capacities. With a working width of 11.00 m (36’1″), these tedders are yet...

JAR-MET Z525 0


Contains new and old version. Price New: 550 € Price Old: 350 € Maintenance: 10 € / day Working width: 2.7 m Working speed: 16 kph Required power: 34 hp Authors: Consi, Ziuta, Querty

krone_swadro_2000_farming17 0

Krone Swadro 2000

Price: 75000 € Max. working speed: 19 kph Required power: 130 hp Working width: 19 m Maintenance: 110 € / day Authors: Shelby46 (converted from FS15)