Goldcrest Valley Platinum Edition V1.0.0.4

This is my version of Goldcrest Valley it’s still work in progress. I have changed the farm layout, added placeable areas, moved the sheeps, added some new object, changed some fields and more.

Added Mud mod
Adden Feed mixer for cows and pigs

Added gas station by the farm
Changed and moved farmsilo
Changed wooded area near the farm
Added new trafficspline and more variety of cars
removed mud mod caused lua compatibility issues

Adden fertilizer factory
Updated scripts
Added some minor things

Version (
Moved cows closer to farm
Moved field 22

Authors: GIANTS Software, Gamling

And additional credits for the objects/scripts i used on this map goes to:

Fendtfan1, modelleicher, Blacksheep Modding, Desperados93, Dogface, kevink98, Marhu, Kastor, Dorset, t0xic0m,  Download Goldcrest Valley Platinum Edition V1.0.0.4

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