Les Petits Boulots Map V1

Here it is finally for you,
The more time to finish because I\’m at the boarding school and high school, and if there were improvements, I would keep private (or not), I still keep in mind my project map for this Norman fs19, (I hope I could try something)
If there were bugs or collisions with the panels, I\’m sorry but it will have to do with …
It is a bit heavy I know but I got it wrong while I mappais, I would do better for the next (do not forget that this is my first)
Breeeeeeef, I leave you with the map, have fun doing firefighter, police, samu, gendarmerie, TP, landscape and DIR, the possiblitées trades are great, I put the link of the presentations for those who do not have no view and to answer your questions if you had any,
Enough talk, good game everyone.

Authors: L\'eta Normande
 Download Les Petits Boulots Map V1

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