Munshausen Map V1

In the small Luxenburgichen village Munshausen there are small to large meadows and fields and has been built to Freim sinn!
There are 10 buyable boxes from small to large
There are 10 non-purchasable meadows from small to large
The farm has 4 silos a farm silo for the fruits a water tower where you can buy water for the animals for cost-free water, we have unfortunately found no solution.
Animal species cows sheep pigs chickens
In Munshausen there is a petrol station outside lying sawmill where you can sell your wood from the forest (the bio-cogeneration plant you have to place)
In Robesscheier there is a point of sale for the fruits wheat barley rapeseed maize sunflower soybeans potatoes turnips then there is still
Landmaschienh├Ąndler to supply the cattle dealer and the biogas plant for the municipality Munshausen with electricity and gas
A big thank you to whose objects was installed
Traunsteiner Silo Pack by Fendtfan1
DDR Minol petrol station by DerRobi66

Cattle dealer for sale and purchase of eggs and wool
Gomez Ridge Acres for Wheat Barley Rape Sunflower Soybeans Potatoes Beets
Biogas plant for silage manure straw hay and silage bales
Sawmill for wood

Authors: Konventier von Ls 15 nach Ls 17 von Ls15Modding
Ein Gro├čen danke an die dennen ihre Objects Verbaut wurde
Traunsteiner Silo Pack von Fendtfan1
DDR Minol Tankstelle von DerRobi66
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