Pine Cove Farm Map


Features cards Pine Cove Farm:
Chopped straw.
Field missions.
Hidden gold nuggets.
Water can be dialed free of charge.
Diesel, liquid fertilizer, fertilizer, manure, seed production and sale items.
Goldcrest city, freeway, railway system survived, though they were partially edited.
Card has been tested on servers in MP.

Note: The card requires a powerful PC for comfortable gameplay, conceived by the author.

Changes in «Pine Cove Farm» Final version:

Update 1.4.4 Requires

For this card you will need to model Kotte Universal Tanker.
For the chopped straw is necessary mod chopped straw.

Card is optimized for graphics card Nvidia GTX 980ti and 1080. The map has more than 5 times the amount of the default objects and works with higher graphics settings for many visual improvements.

Unfortunately, the transfer of conservation, if you have played a previous version of the map (below v 1.4), will not work. However, you can transfer part of progress. Files that can be used – it careerSaveGame.xml, economy.xml and vehicles.xml. Do not copy any other files into a new folder to save games.

What’s New:
Added new crops: sorghum, millet and others.
There were puddles in some places.
Added new vegetation, including underwater.
Chopped straw has been updated to the latest version and added to multifruit.
Fixed flying trees near some fields and other objects hanging in the air.
the sale price adjusted to make the card more difficult.
Changed and amended landscape.
PDA map is updated.
Added new triggers milk and changed his place of sale.
Added new point of sale for liquid manure, manure, compost, slurry and digestate.
Added a new storage facility for vehicles.
New location for the water, fertilizer, fuel, liquid manure and seed on the map.
Water consumption in greenhouses decreased.
Additional detail on the entire map.
Changed size of 5 field.
Added animated speed boat with night lighting.
Greenhouses are grouped in Merville (Mervils).
New custom sounds of nature, for both day and night-time.
point of sale, adjusted for the new crop on the map.
Increased capacity of some storage.
Other minor improvements and bugfixes.


 Download Pine Cove Farm Map

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