Russia Map V2.0.1.0

Changes in v2.0.1: – Added Biodiesel Plant – for the production of fuel requires dried rapeseed and methane (one of the production options for biodiesel fuel – rapeseed oil (obtained from rapeseed) and methanol (produced by catalytically incomplete methane oxidation) from here and the option – rapeseed and methane; – Fixed unloading triggers at the vehicle depot; – Fixed an invisible wall on the road near site 2; – Fixed return of vehicles to a closed car depot; – Fixed a feeding trough at cows; – Fixed missing grain textures in a warehouse; Added a hint where to pour the fodder to chickens; – Fixed the visiting point at the airport; – Fixed a problem with displaying plants when improving. Important !!! Those who started a career in \”version 2.0.0\” do not need to start a new career. For those who played on versions From \”1.00\” to \”1.07\” it is MANDATORY TO START A NEW CAREER !!!

Authors: vladimir.loko
 Download Russia Map V2.0.1.0

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