John Deere 8R 2010 Usa Tractor V3.2

Official version 8R 2010 in final 3.2 version
Found it on JHHG Modding FS17 – credits to him
– Dynamic Hoses
– New 38 wheels Configurations
– New cab (properly with one beacon with optional fenders)
– New textures
– JD hexcode green and yellow!
– New speculars
– New hood and frame sections
– NEW optional QuickHitch
– all 8R 2009/2010 motor configurations
– New, custom sounds
– Halogen lights (deleted leds)
– New coronas
– Lot of options: motors, fenders, weights, greenstar, quickhitch, farm logo and wheels
– Custom speculars on frame and Tires!
– New exhaust
– New front weight and support
– Axis for Row Crop wheels
– LSW Goodyear in options!
– Dynamic Tires
– Proper tire tracks for all wheels options
– Farm logo
– Error Free
– Reduced file
– New JD and numbers decals!
– Lights on console

Authors: JHHG Modding 17 (JHHG Farms)
base model - TechMod
 Download John Deere 8R 2010 Usa Tractor V3.2

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