Category: Bale trailers

PRT-10 Bale transport 0

PRT-10 Bale transport V 4.0

Trailer with autoload Designed for square, round bales and pallets. The price is 9500 (per day 10). Washed / Dirty. Footprints. There is an unloading on 3 sides. The log is clean. Authors: LSSA...

PTS 9-15 0

PTS 9-15 V2.0

– Auto-selection is set – Transport straw, hay, silage or chaff – Load capacity of 40000 liters. Authors: Norton, Gosteh, ANDREI1994, Mad Dog, Denis Off



Voici un plateau à paille conçue pour transporter des balles carrées. Merci de respecter mon travail. Toute modification suivie d’une remise en DL est strictement interdite.​ ​ Authors: 3D / Textures / In game...

Smyth 32 Foot Bale Trailer 0

Smyth 32 Foot Bale Trailer

32 foot bale trailer with creels manufactured by Smyth Engineering in County Carlow, Ireland. Used for moving bales and pallets of bulk materials. Features: – Locking straps – Configurable creels for supporting extra bales...

Merlo Turbofarmer P417 0

Merlo Turbofarmer P417 V

CHANGES V2: – 2 types of tires, default and broad (Nokian) – Possibility to buy: beacon, work light on the telescopic or both – Other improved texture – Inverted command axis for tools on...

Joskin Wago pack 0

Joskin Wago pack

Pack of 3 Bale trailer of the brand Joskin. -1 Wago 10m Trailed -1 Wago 8m Trailed -1 Wago 8m Semi-Mounted Single Axle -Wheels option -With ladders option -Warning Triangle option Authors: Blacksheep Modding