Manure trailers

Manure trailers
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Authors: Model: Angelus AO textury: / Ingame: VBM Modding

Rolland Roll Twin 205 V 1 Final

Here it is, does not serve me on the 17th Logically 0 errors logs I read this correctly! It's a long time since I retyped this...

Creina 14000 slurry tank

Creina 14000 Price: 22000 € Max. working speed: 14 kph Required power: 50 hp Working width: 15 m Capacity: 14000 l Maintenance: 36 € / day Authors: Fabijan/AS Agri

Kirchner 6 Cubic V 1.0

This is my mod I have given me a lot of trouble Authors: Steyr975

KAWECO 30000L V2.0

Tanker for transporting and spreading liquid manure backlight The dust and traces of wheels Dirt / Washable Capacity – 30,000 liters Working width – 30 meters. Authors: GIANTS Software Wile_E.Coyote SFL

Joskin Tornado 3 V 2.0

Version 2.0 Bug Serveur fixed Tossibility to change wheels colors (yellow, grey) Authors: Giant/NicoModing

Tebbe HS 180 V 1.0

Here I have for you the Tebbe spreader runs on standard you can travel manure and compost A thanks goes out to CHIKO (BADTIME) and...

Joskin Tornado 3 V 1.0

Tossibility to change wheels colors (yellow, grey) Authors: Giant/NicoModing


– Traces and dust from wheels – The possibility of buying: standard / with net – Moving belt – Spinning rollers – Animation manure – wom – Full lighting – sounds –...


– Capacity: 6 t – Min. power requirement: 45kW / 60 hp – Price 35 $ 200 – A daily maintenance cost: $ 30 – Working width: 2.5...