Mack Vision Dump Truck V1

Hello here i present to you my mack vision dump truck the truck is based off the mack vision grain truck from fs15 and was converted over by me while back and  i changed the bed to a dump bed and fixed the cylinders to make it dump like a dump truck instead of grain truck  i redone the xml to make it  support the dump  bed so it can hold the fill planes  i fixed the fill planes to fit the bed and i added a cab protecter  to the bed to make it look like a real life dump truck and made the whole truck color selable  and i added roal coal to the exzaust and added new exzaust pipes in and i also added a spread gate to help spead  your load    i put over alot of time into this truck and i hope you enjoy this truck all credits goes to the original creater and me for the bed and xml work.

Authors: Bcbuhler edited by seanpierce
 Download Mack Vision Dump Truck V1

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