Man Palletloader Truck + Trailer V1

An auto-pallet mans (takes standard pallets with seeds / fertilizer from the store and loads them into the booth) for the Golden Ear card. For automatic loading of pallets with ramp. When loading, drive up to the pallet, unfolding the ramp \”R\”. Before unloading, decompose on \”R\” (Required!), Then \”O\” and again \”O\”, fold to \”O\”.

MAN truck engine power – 440 horsepower. The cost is 210 thousand euros (300 in sukti). 510 liter tank Function mirrors and instrument panel. MAN auto trailer. Cost – 85 thousand euros (170 per day). There is a choice of color when buying (main and discs). Working lighting. Get dirty and washed from dirt.

Authors: Giants, Kovsh, Manuscript GT
 Download Man Palletloader Truck + Trailer V1

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